Event Medics Hawaii
Hawaii's finest on site emergency medical stand-by service.
What We Do
Event Medics Hawaii is a great addition to any public or private event. Our medic-teams provide on-site care of any ill or injured persons and coordinate with local EMS to insure the best appropriate care possible. With EMS response times often delayed, Event Medics Hawaii is here to provide you a measure of comfort and piece of mind knowing that your emergent medical needs will be tended to by our compassionate, expert, professional staff. In the event any patient needs transport from the event to an emergency facility, our crews are ready to coordinate transport via EMS and care for the patient till an ambulance is on-scene. 
Pictured above: Three of our RN-medics and our chief paramedic-RN, Kimo, ready for action at a Band-Camp concert. Waikiki Shell, Honolulu, Hawaii.
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